About Kyle and Samantha

How They Met

Kyle and Samantha met when while attending separate local Universities. One weekend, A friend of Kyle's (Jon) invited Samantha and Renee to go to Kyle's cabin for a night. Kyle and Samantha started talking about the different music they like and had several of their favorite bands in common including Brand New, Yellowcard and Fall Out Boy. They spent the rest of the night watching scary movies, grilling and playing board games with everyone at the cabin.

After leaving the cabin Kyle contacted Samantha through instant mssanger and the two started planning weekends to visit each other. After a great weekend together in Flagstaff a few weeks after they met, Samantha went down to see a Fall Out Boy show in Tucson and the two officially started dating.

About Kyle

Kyle was born in Phoenix, AZ. He lived in the Philippines and in Canada as a child and returned to Ahwatukee when he was 12 years old. He started playing hockey in Canada and continued to do so throughout high school where he played for both his high school and a variety of travel teams. A big part of his life, Kyle met many of his best friends playing hockey, many of which will be in the wedding.

Kyle also learned to play the piano as a child and has a great talent for playing, which Samantha enjoys listening to whenever she gets a chance. After graduating from Mountain Pointe in 2002 Kyle headed down to Tucson to attend UofA. While there he took a class to expand on his musical talent and wrote a few of his own piano compositions. He graduated in 2007 with a degree in Business Marketing.

Upon graduating he started working for Cox Media which sells television commercials and interactive advertising. He recently bought his first home in Tempe, AZ where he lives with Samantha, their roommates and his dog She-Ra. He enjoys working with wood and completely designed and built the bar that is in their kitchen. Currently he is working on a table where he is wood burning the top with a red bandana design.

Kyle also enjoys writing, cooking, playing with She-Ra, playing board games, watching and playing sports and making people laugh. As much as Samantha hates to admit it and even tries to deny it, he definitely makes her laugh more often than not every day. Kyle is very driven with several great ideas up his sleeve. He is a natural businessman with a passion for success. He is currently working on a writing project involving a few friends and has several more projects and business ventures planned for his future.

About Samantha

Samantha was born in Riverside, CA and moved to Arizona with her family when she was 7 years old. She started playing the viola at age 9 and was very active in sports including karate, cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, synchronized swimming and volleyball throughout her childhood and teen years. When she wasn't in school or at a sporting event, Samantha enjoyed volunteering for the City of Mesa with their elementary school summer camps. Upon graduating from Mountain View High School in 2003 she moved north to attend Northern Arizona University.

While at NAU, Samantha joined Chi Omega where she met many of her bridesmaids among other great friends and participated in a variety of other extra curricular activities including Order of Omega and honors society for Greek Life, where she served as the Vice President of Special Events and PRSSA. In May of 2007 Samantha graduated with degrees in Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism. She then moved back to the Valley and shortly began working at a local PR company getting clients local and national media coverage and assisting in planning non-profit events.

Recently, Samantha started working for a healthcare company where she is the Marketing Manager facilitating advertising partnerships, managing social media outreach and working on PR for the company. She is also the Communications Chair for the Phoenix Chi Omega Alumnae Chapter and manages their monthly newsletters, event email notifications and website content.

The Proposal

Much like every other Holiday weekend, Samantha and Kyle decided to head up to the cabin with some of their friends for the fourth of July/Samantha's birthday weekend. Unfortunately, due to her new job, Samantha had to work that Friday and had to meet everyone else up there afterward. After several phone calls from Kyle throughout the day, Samantha finally left work and headed up north.

Similar to every other cabin trip, they made a great dinner and Mac suggested a game of charades-guys vs. girls. Once Mac was up he began acting out something that nobody could figure out, frustrated that they didn't know which of their entries he was tying to act out, some of the girls tried to find the paper he pulled, to no avail. Then after another minute, Samantha got up to look, unknowingly at the time, just as Kyle was getting ready to pull the ring from his pocket, so he had to continue acting out his fictional charade. Once time was up, Kyle quieted everyone down, reached in his pocket and as he got on one knee and presented the ring, he said, "It was 'The Proposal', would this have made it easier?" and asked her to marry him.

Momentarily unaware of what was going on and completely shocked, she didn't believe him at first, and for several seconds afterward. Once she finally realized that he wasn't joking and he was really asking her to marry him she dove off the couch and threw her arms around him, not letting go for quite some time. After several high pitched squeals and many "Are you serious?" and "Really?" he finally got the ring on her finger and their friends started opening bottles of champagne to officially start celebrating.

The rather long and embarrassing (for Samantha) video is below for anyone who wants to see it (to skip through the charades fast forward to about 3 minutes).